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Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, or You Tube? Most people have at least one social media account, they also log into these accounts at least once a day. This has paved the way for new opportunities to reach potential customers. Social media has taken on its own role as an important marketing tool.

Having a social media account that customers and potential customers can follow allows them to feel a more personal connection to your business. Sharing pictures of products, information, or special sales events are just a few examples of ways to reach out to your customers. This also allows for you to provide excellent customer service. You will know right away if a customer is happy or unhappy with a product or service and you can show future customers that you take your business very seriously by following up with their comments.

Having a successful presence on social media can also help with your SEO. People following your Twitter or Facebook account can be linked to your website, which in turn lifts your position in the search engine.

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